10 things estate sales won’t tell you

Courtesy of Market Watch What to watch out for when it’s time to clear out a home 1. “Anybody can do this job.” The liquidation business is driven by the four d’s: downsizing, death, divorce and debt. With about 10,000 Americans turning 65 each day, boomers account for many of the downsizers. But plenty of […]

What should I do to get ready for a sale?

If there has been a death in the family, make sure that you have legal title and full authority to engage a liquidator.  Make certain all items, which an Heir may be entitled to, are disbursed or identified prior to calling us for a consultation. If there’s divorce or bankruptcy liquidation afoot, make sure that […]

How exactly does an estate sale work?

How does it differ from an auction? Estate sales (also known as “tag sales” in some parts of the United States and Canada) are orderly liquidations run much as a retail shop would be. That is to say, most every item has a price tag. Estate sales are different from auctions in that customers need […]

Frequently Asked Estate Sale Questions

Who needs an Estate Sale? Estate sales can arise under circumstances such as a death in the family and the contents of the home needs to be reduced to cash for estate distribution purposes. Estate sales are necessary if there is a move due to downsizing of a lifestyle or relocation. Will there be a […]

What to do first !

Think about what you need to do before any estate sale. • Decide What to Keep: Go through all assets and decide what is valuable to you and your family. Remove these items from the estate to ensure they are kept safe. This allows for a quick and efficient professional estate assessment. • Remove Broken […]