Our Services

When you enter a home stage by Burns Estate Liquidator you will find a boutique setting and a desire to move from room to room. Making your home well appointed is our goal.

We are full service estate liquidator.

Our practice includes discovery, staging, pricing, sales, charity and leaving you with an empty clean home!

When we discover, we take the time to empty each pocket, drawer, closet and flip mattresses. During this time it is not uncommon to find jewelry, gold crowns, family heirlooms and treasures. 

We pride ourselves on this thorough investigation as we are in partnership. Staging is something we truly enjoy as it allows our creativity to flourish!  It is not uncommon for you home to receive buyer interest prior to listing with a realtor.

We do however work in conjunction with your chosen realtor forwarding all leads for a successful sale of your property. The next phase is pricing and we price as much as possible. This goal is obtained with our market knowledge and experience to what is in fashion at the time of your sale. You may look at these items within the home day in and day out as ordinary. 

We see the extraordinary and our clients tell us we obtained far more dollar value than they ever expected. The final stage (and most critical) of the liquidation is sales. 

We have a running list of collectors, dealers and clients. Many of our clients phone in with their requests for specific items.

We use estatesale.net, estatesales.org, Constant Contact and Facebook to advertise our sales.

time to organize clock

Sales are normally a long weekend; however we have taken as long as a month and as short as one day to sell.

No matter how good we are there will always be left overs. We ask for a charity of your choice and manage to this task. We make sure that walls are protected and when the washer is removed a bucket is placed underneath. We pride ourselves on caring for the home as if it was our own. 

Once the charity has removed the final item we wipe down surfaces and vacuum- leaving the home in a condition we can be proud of. We pay our clients within 24 hours and provide a copy receipt of each item sold. Our statement reflects total sales and our Angie’s List reviews speak for themselves.

We have, in all aspects exceeded our clients expectations and our clients are willing to offer testimonials.

Just ask and we are happy to provide you with names and numbers! We have worked with many realtors, trustee attorneys and out of state heirs- it would be our pleasure to extend our services to you.