Frequently Asked Estate Sale Questions

Who needs an Estate Sale?

Estate sales can arise under circumstances such as a death in the family and the contents of the home needs to be reduced to cash for estate distribution purposes. Estate sales are necessary if there is a move due to downsizing of a lifestyle or relocation.

Will there be a charge to come to the home and estimate potential for an estate sale?

An appointment will be set up to meet with the family members who will be involved with the estate sale process. The time to have this appointment is when a fair representation of what merchandise will be offered at the sale. During this appointment, an estimate of potential outcome will be a part of the consultation. We will ask for a tour of the home to see the potential volume, to determine how much preparation and staging is required and how much staff will be necessary to properly prepare and monitor the home during the sale. The home highlights maybe be photographed. If your home does not qualify for one of our sales, we will let you know and help you with alternate choices that meet with your needs.

What do I need to do to get ready for your visit to the home?

First, do not throw away anything. Do not trash, donate, have a yard sale, sell to dealers or give anything away. We want you to take what you wish to keep and leave everything else to us. We understand the value of merchandise in the marketplace.

Where are the sales conducted?

The venue is your estate address.  We liquidate your merchandise at your home.

What are the fees?

We work on a percentage/commission of the sale. Our fees are explained once the home has been inspected and a contract executed. All sales are not alike. We offer customized sales programs for large ticket items such as planes, boats, vehicles etc.

How the home gets set up for a sale?

We will arrive with tables, elegant tablecloths, display cases for items of significant value, which need extra security, proper lighting, all materials for tagging and ipads with broadband to research. The home will look like a show room. We provide exceptional attention to details that make everything tempting for buyers to enjoy their time in the home and leave with their treasure. There is special attention to how the flow will be from entry to exit; check-out is in a secured area, appropriate staff to watch rooms, exits and entries. The staff is identified with name tags and money is handled in one location by cashiers issuing receipts. Most homes require at least 50-80 hour’s of preparation. The success of an estate sale depends on preparation & marketing. These are two areas we do not short cut. For this reason, we need at a minimum of one week to prepare the home for a sale.

How far in advance do I need to book an Estate Sale?

Once you know you are in need of a sale, contact our office and we will aim to see you within a week. This way we can visually inspect, even if you don’t have a specific date in mind. Then we can be mindful your sale in the future and we can support all questions you may have until you are ready to go forward. If you are listing a home or accepting offers, be sure your realtor as well as the new buyers consider your sale needs.

When is the best time to have an estate sale?

All year, any month and the best days for sales are Thursday through Sunday. Some cities & homeowner’s association (gated communities) are very restrictive about when or if a sale can take place. We are usually aware of local requirements and request to secure permits and paperwork required by a particular community.

What happens to the contents of the home that did not sell?

Wheeling and dealing is a part of the fun of an estate sale and no matter how great a sale not everything is sold.  There are times with the residual; a buy-out business may be consulted. Other options are donation groups, which are contacted in advance for a non-cash charitable contribution. There is usually a transition day from the last day of the sale and before the clear-out process begins. We prepare a valuation statement, issued by the charity, for your tax reporting purposes. The final stage is wiping down surfaces and vacuuming to leave a broom clean home.

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