What should I do to get ready for a sale?

If there has been a death in the family, make sure that you have legal title and full authority to engage a liquidator. 

Make certain all items, which an Heir may be entitled to, are disbursed or identified prior to calling us for a consultation. If there’s divorce or bankruptcy liquidation afoot, make sure that you talk to legal counsel before calling us.  

Remember, by the way, that any liens or other encumbrances are solely your responsibility.

Please do not dispose of items until we have had the chance to ascertain the value. You’d be shocked to learn what some former clients have, in their zeal, thrown or given away before speaking to us!

Third, show us any and all items you do not want us to sell before we sign a contract, as a) we base our commissions upon what we estimate the gross sales to be and b) items taken after the signing of the contract are subject to full commission.

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